Samples of my work



These are midi samples of orchestral and classical pieces I've done. Their purpose is to show my composing ability, not my ability to find great midi sounds. On some I've spent some time trying to get the instruments just right, on other's, no so much.


This is the first movement in a string quintet that I'd written.
the recording is just some suped up midi, as the one time the
piece was read, it got screwed up. Anyway, like the other
Orchestral, or classical works I have here, the point is the
composition, not the recording.

The Princess and the Fool

In my ever continuing quest for ridiculously difficult, practically
unplayable piano music, I tend to get a little goofy. This is no
exception. Written in a minimalist fashion, the flavor is given by
a great deal of separation between the left and right hands.


A four part harmony I wrote while watching a lot of film noir.
It wasn't so much that I was going for the kind of score that
those films had, it just got me thinking a lot about scoring, and
the idea of big slow strings, so I threw this together to experiment
with some ideas. By no means a full or complete piece of music.

Of Oranges and Enterage

Probably my favorite short piece, it is what it is, a small piano piece,
that was written while studying bach in a jazz school. Yeah, that pretty
well explains it.


These tunes are pieces I've written in rock bands, for rock bands, or because I like to right songs a lot. They vary from fully produced album cuts to homespun demos.


(A totally different song than the other one, really!) This is a piece I wrote
for the band brighid, I was in at the end of high school and beginning of
college. It's got a touch of an 80's feel, but I think that was mostly the
guitarists cold numbing influence in the band. (rock solid guitarist though)


A second song from the brighid release.

Good Old Friends

A demo featuring only me, on all parts and voice. One of the better quality
"demos" I've done. I'm including it, just because I think it's a cool tune.

Just Like You

So this came from a more spiritual time for me, when I was quite infatuated with a Baha'i, and felt I was infatuated for all the right reasons, it's based on the idea of building a relationship on spiritual grounds, on character rather than the 'ordinary' pitfalls of dating. It's just a demo, so just me, oodles of keyboards and a drum machine.

Many More Days

And a decidedly darker tune, not sure how I feel about it, but it's definitely lush and indulgent.

Her First Mistake

Piano and me, this is my love song. Well, I have many, but this one is simple, and it makes a good point about independance and reliance in relationships.


My official major in college was in jazz, and my concentration for performance was the trumpet, so, it's only fair if I include some of my jazz compositions and playing here.

At First Site

The love ballad from "The Clockwise Spin" a 9 movement concert I wrote for
my senior recital. It was essentially a big through-composed piece. The guitarist
is Eric Dutko, and I'm playing the trumpet. The recording itself was rushed, and
you get a lot of room and bus noise.

Getting Rid of the Neighbors

A playful improvisation that I did by taking the idea of jazz improv, and
re-recording, and doing each part individually, and then re-recording
each part once, in a cycle, so that the composition would change as my
idea developed. (this is only a sample, the whole thing is about 14 minutes

Spaceyman, Spacey

Named for the reaction of one of my friends when seeking an opinion.
This is really here just to show off the capabilities of the EVI, or electronic
valve instrument, the whole sequence is done by overdubbing it.


These samples are meant to be just what they are, music composed for synth on synth. I've started trying to compose like this more, because most of my composing seems to be for the student film type of project where there is no budget, and a couple of keyboards and the occasional friend with guitar or sax in tow, are the only options for which to write.

Bells East

A meditation type piece, that is designed to be cinematic, something that
won't take away from everything else going on in a film. It's only an experiment
and that has something to do with the development from the bells to the piano
with the beat.


Another short electonic piece, playing with the idea of white noise to build tension
in sound. This one's loopable, although the current file isn't cut for it.


That's all I have to post for now. There are a ton of other things I have on cd that I need to rip and re-master. I also have a couple of projects that I've produced recently that I hope to throw up here soon. Check back for updates, or email me with your comments and/or suggestions.

All songs on this site are copyright 2001, 2002, 2003 Rich Frankel.