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Hamadan (Hamedan)

Hamadan is a broad region in Iran, and holds as a type an equally broad category of rugs. Like most, the rug is named for the area where it is woven. Although the actual name is a bit of a misnomer as the rugs actually come from the villages surrounding Hamadan, and not the actual city. Included in this family of rugs is the

Hamadan no. 1

This rug gets pegged as a very pretty older Hamadan, that I acquired for a song. What's neat about it is it's almost cartoonish drawing.

About 35" by 80", it is evenly drawn, but big and exagerated. There is some wear in the center of the field, but it is even and doesn't overly distract from the visage. The fringe on both ends is not in the best shape, most likely a sign of age. My guess is it's between 50 and 75 years old.

The colors are fairly warm, but I have almost no experience with the pink and blue in this rug, so don't want to guess whether they are synthetic or natural. If anyone has any thoughts feel free to forward them. I'll try to get more pics up soon.


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