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Karajeh (Karaja)

Karajeh rugs come from the Azerbaijani region, where Turkish speaking tribes, weave these very geometrical pieces. One distinctive characteristic of is the triple or repeating medallion design, which is sometimes born in common with the Turkomen rugs, of which I sadly have none.

Karajeh no. 1

This is a very enjoyable little rug (2 x 3). It is an antique piece, (the learned rug dealer who sold it to me, and the other learned rug dealer who looked at it both put it at the end of the 19th century, which means it probably shouldn't be on my floor, but, it's only stepped on with shoeless feet, so, it is loved. For it's age it's in remarkably good condition, although there are flaws in the pile, and the back of the rug shows the fade in color over the years (which to my eye is an enjoyable warming of the tone)

What's so nice about this, and indicative of Karajeh's in general is that each of the medallions is a unique geometrical motif. Most of the field is covered in improvised geometrical shapes including stars and circles that add to the color and vigor of the rug.



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