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Luri (Lori)

One of the most well known tribes of Iran are the Luri. They inhabit the Southwestern portion of the country, and are of Persian origin. Most Luri tribals are designed similarly to the Qasgai, but use dramatically different motifs and tend to use vivid colors which contrast sharply.

Luri Tribal Bag no. 1

A fascinating little piece of tribal textile work(11"X31"), this is a very authentic saddlebag. Yes, that's right a piece from what some of my more skeptical friends have deemed, my jackass accessory collection.
All quips aside, if you're into antique tribal artiwork, this flatweave is an interesting piece. This is the more simple of the two bags I still have, but the amount of effort that goes into making this functional part of life, is admirable. It works great as a wall hanging, particularly over a doorway, which is where it lives in my house. It has one flaw, a hold in the back of the bag, that can be seen in the second picture.



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