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Tribal rugs at Rimea is a new resource for new enthusiasts and collectors of tribal rugs and textiles. Hopefully, it will grow as I do. Primarily I am a novice collector, who has just recently fallen in love with tribal rugs, and as my budget does not permit a more extensive collection, I've decided to use my design experience to create an outlet for this passion. The rugs that I discuss, are my own, the collection and discussion will grow as I acquire new pieces and learn more about them.

I will try to keep track of my experiences, and keep them updated here. As I meet dealers and individuals I trust, I will mention them, but this site will not become a stomping ground for venting about the ones I don't. So far many people have offered me sound advice, and been a wonderful help both in making this site useful, and in helping me learn more about rugs.

If I've miscredited anyone for any information on the site, or simply not credited you, please contact me, as credit should be given where it's due. Once again, enjoy your time, and if you have any suggestions, don't hesitate to email me.

Many Thanks

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It seems the time just ticks away, and I rarely even have a chance to look at rugs anymore let alone write about them here. I've been very involved in my day job "Radium Reactor" and my law school. As always if anyone has any questions, help identifying a rug, or what not, check out the Identify page, and if that doesn't help, you can always, always email me.



It has been a long long time. I've been focusing on some other responsibilities in my life, but the bug has caught me again. I've decided to begin to focus a little more about selling or trading my rugs to get new pieces flowing in to study. Look for information in the next week or so, about how to buy any of the pieces on this site. If you are interested before then, email me with an offer.


Happy New Year everyone!

Added my Hamadan, and another baluch to my rugs... uploaded the identify your rug page... general housekeeping


This is version 2.0, over the next couple of days, I'll be moving the rest of the site into this shell.



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