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There are many resources available online to learn about tribal rugs. They range from the scholastic to the simple. What follows below is more or less only a personal perusal of those sites that have been a particular help to me in my journey to learn more about tribal textiles.

An amazing site, containing the highest level of academic discussion on buying and studying tribal textiles. Really a must for anyone who wants to dive in head first.

Really vast site with in depth information on most rugs. In addition there are gorgeous examples of most of the rugs to study and learn from.

This site has a really useful overview of most of the major rug types, with examples. A nice feature is that they get into the region and weavers themselves. The price range they list, I believe I read somewhere is strictly for ebay, and probably won't be quite so low in "real life".

This is a fascinating site by a collector specializing in Afghan war rugs.

Jim Allen's website. He has examples of pieces that will make you weep. A good place to go to see what a tribal rug 'should' look like.

A must see for research and information on rugs and the rug world.


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resources online | recommended reading | where to buy
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