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Bijar (Bidjar)

Known as the iron rug for it's almost coarse sturdiness, the bijar is as close to indestructable as you will find. Mostly these rugs are woven by Kurdish weavers, and medallion designs are common. The most identifiable characteristic is in the actual structure, where a single weft is pulled after every row of knots. It is this design structure that gives bijar's their unique unbendable quality.

Bijar no. 1

The pictures really don't do this rug justice. When I first came into this piece, I knew very little about bijars, and was shocked at how the edges wanted to roll under themselves.

More importantly, there is almost a silky irredescent quality to this rug, particularly in the medallion. This is something that you can only see, when looking at certain angles but there is a turquoise that jumps out. Overall it's an incredibly soft quality rug, albeit only a little guy (2'3" by 3'). I've kept it by the side of my bed, so that it's the first thing my feet touch when I get up in the morning. For this, it is a perfect match.


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