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Qasgai (Qasqai / Ghasgei)

For a long time my single favorite rug was the Qasgai that sat in my living room.

Qasgai rugs are tribal rugs that are woven near Shiraz, and in fact these rugs are considered to be somewhat similar in style. One of the characteristics of both that I find particularly exciting is the use of stylized animals in the motifs. These rugs generally have a very improvised look to them, but tend to follow a medallion treatment that is similar in form to the Shiraz.

Qasgai no.1

This rug was just plain exciting to me. It is about 3'9" by 7'8", and is extremely soft and durable. the colors are soft and easy to looks at, and the odd animal designs give it a particular zest. Overall, although there is a decided lack of symmetry in the approach to the field which is scene by the pattern that only fits on one side, the interest in motif, and otherwise solid construction cause that to become more of an addition to it's charm than a hinderance to appreciation. This is the kind of rug that pulls you off of the couch to sit on it instead.

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