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The Ardebil is a rug which most typically has three medaliions worked into an open or well covered field. Generally more formal looking, and certaintly a little more notable. Overall it is an oddity in my collection and taste.

Ardebil no.1

This is a fairly large rug (7 x 11) and it comes from the Azerbaijani region of Iran. I picked this rug up out of sheer love for the vividness of it's color and and flawless execution of it's pattern. It is a big thick and beautiful rug, and I've enjoyed learning from it, by having it in my house. It certainly does not fit with the rest of my tastes, but it is an attractive rug by any sense. I've decided to put this one up for sale directly to anyone who's interested, as it's just too big for my place. email me if you have any questions about it. Thanks.


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