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The close cousin of the Qasgai, Shiraz rugs are known for their busy fields, chock full of 'neat stuff'. They employ stylized animals, and it is this truly tribal feel that makes them so appealing to some, so appalling to others. They are characteristically dark wine, with deep blue accents. Mostly these rugs are woven in the villages surrounding Shiraz, rather than the city proper.

Shiraz no. 1

A fun and exhilrating rug. This is a big beautiful piece (7 by 10), that truly livens up a room. Not to mention the fact that it has consistently pulled me to relax on it, instead of the furniture it's supposed to accent.

The busy field is what makes this such an exciting piece, and like many shiraz rugs, it employs mystical stylized animals into it's design.

Finally the diagonal design on the border offers a vivid pattern adding to the earthiness of this rug.


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