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Balouch (Baluch)

Baluch rugs stir something of mixed feelings in the tribal rug world. From everything that I've heard they are as much studied and revered as they are shunned and reviled. There is also a broad range of rugs that are considered "Baluch's" which take their name originally from Baluchistan province near the Afghani / Iranian border.

Suffice it to say, baluch rugs are genuinely tribal pieces, that are ruggedly made, with typically simple designs.

My two baluchs are probably not amazing pieces, but there are some striking characteristics that drew me to them.


Baluch no.1

As you can see, this rug is far from perfect. It has an easily noticable wear near the middle of the piece. Due to its age this is not actually as big a deal as it looks, and in person, it's much less of a problem.

What drew me to the rug in the first place was the imrpovisational element within the fairly standard gul design. Specifically, there are small hour glass designs, and other geometrical shapes which differ depending on what row the rug is at. Also, the horizontal lines are each fairly different, the weaver freely doubling the lines and changing the diamond pattern as she saw fit. It is this creativity within the form that is so striking. One final example of this is the odd little occurance of a single camel in the top left hand corner of the rug. It is the only appearance of any animal motif in the entire rug, and as such is an interesting little quirk. (you can see this in the fuzzy picture below).


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