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Balouch (Baluch) (2)

Baluch no.2

I will not argue for a second that this is a great rug, I won't even maintain that it's a good rug, but I will fearlessly declare that it's a very interesting rug. It's hard for me to place it precisely. I have a very reputable and trusted dealer of antique tribals a few blocks from my house, and he said, "I think it's a baluch", then proceeding to complain about how Afghani's don't know how to make a good dye, and that's why the colors have run and faded so much. "It's very difficult to make a good dye" he concluded.

The point is, going on his call, this rug spun me to do a good deal more research on baluch's. I guess it was just the prominence of the tree design, which seemed unusual in the baluch realm (although trees show up frequently in repetitive patterns in some baluchs, it was the single focal tree that took my attention) and the animal and tent designs, that stood out to me. Don't get me wrong, this is a very faded rug.

It's fringes are intact, and the selveges are properly bound for the most part, but beyond that, the worksmanship on this rug is not great, and some of the random element in the motifs seems more to carelessness than creativity. Still it is a rug that kept my attention for a while, and was a great learning piece. If anyone else is more of an authority on the origin and categorization of this rug, please email me.

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